Twist Party, Everyday Hairstyles For Women

Grab the hairs from the crown section and little backcomb to give volume to the crown section of your hairs. Smooth these hairs out with hands and then tie with a small elastic now take a small section of hairs from both sides cross them and now bring one of them over the top of other section and pass it through your hairs tight and repeat the same steps, cross the section bring one of them over the top and pass it through. Through in some hairpins so everything gets perfect and you are done.

Everyday Hairstyle

Start by teasing your hairs from the crown section and then make them smooth. Tie almost all of your hairs with the elastic band and make a low ponytail. Apply some hairspray so everything gets clean take one section of hairs and bring it to the opposite side make an opening in your hairs and pass this section through it. Stick a bobby pin on up top then stick another one on the bottom. Now repeat the same step from the other side. You will bring your hair up and passing through the previous section of hairs. Add hairpins at the top and the bottom and you are done.

Simple and Easy Hairstyles

Put your hairs from on one side and tie with elastic split up your hairs and pass them through it take all of your hair bring it to one side and put it into a low ponytail make a hole and pass all of your hairs through it. Pull your hairs tight repeat the same step tie your hairs make a hole and pass hairs through it and pull. You can do 1 or 2 more times this if your hairs are long now cut all the elastic other than the last one and you are done.

Reverse French Braid with Twist party hairstyle

In this video, we are sharing a very beautiful and stylish hairstyle which is very easy to make. You can make this hairstyle on parties and functions. This hairstyle is easily made on small and long hairs. Watch this video and learn how to make the reverse French braid with the twist.

Begin with the one section of hair from the corner, do regular braids for one round, for the next round add hairs from the left section of hair add an equal amount of hair to the left section of hair, bring it down because you are doing a reverse braid and then bring the middle portion up and then take the right part and bring it down add some section of hair bring the middle part up and then keep on doing this. While you doing this keep twisting and deviating towards the right and move gradually towards the left side of the head.

With each round of braiding keep shifting to the left so that you start from the right top and when you are done with this hairstyle you reach the extreme left bottom. When reaching the end of the head stop doing French braid and start making the regular braid. To make hairstyle fancy and modern decorate with fancy bobby pins. This is a very beautiful party hairstyle which is very quick to do.

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