Wedding Rose Bun Easy Hairstyles For Women

This video tutorial is very helpful for you to learn how to make a beautiful hairstyle. This hairstyle is easily made on long and small hairs. Normally this hairstyle looks beautiful on special occasions like wedding and party hairstyles.

Learn to make the hairstyle

Brush your hairs thoroughly and put front hairs aside. Make a ponytail and tie with the elastic band. Take a thin strand of hairs and wrap around the elastic band to the ponytail. Take a strand of an upper portion of the ponytail and do backcomb from the inward side of the strand. Now make a rolled bun of these backcombed hairs and fix them with the help of bobby pins. Now take the hairs from the side and place them on a bun, fix this strand with bobby pins.

Then take a thin strand from the ponytail and place loosely around the bun to make the outer leaf of rose and fix them with bobby pins. Now take another strand and loosely place inside the first leaf of the rose bun. Fix this second leaf of rose bun also with bobby pins. Repeat the same steps for all remaining hairs by picking thin strands and placing them on the last leaf of rose hair bun leave until you are done with all hairs. Now apply hair spray on a complete look to make the hairstyle clean and long-lasting. Now decorate the hairstyle with pearls to look more beautiful.

4 Best Quick and Easy Hairstyles

Hairs are a beauty symbol for females. Beautiful hairs increase their beauty so every woman wants healthy and strong hairs. Now, days if you don’t have healthy and beautiful hairs or if you want to increase the beauty of your hair you can use hair extensions which will increase the volume of hairs. Most of the hairstyles need healthy hair. Hair extensions can easily fix in hairs. These good hair extensions can easily last for 2 years. Here we show you a very quick and easy hairstyle tutorial. I hope this video, is going to be very helpful for you guys, must try these different hairstyles.

Half up crown braid:

Take hair from the back of the crown and make a ponytail. Now make a French braid of hairs from one side of your hair partitioning, take 3 strands of hairs and make a French braid towards the ponytail and when your braid reaches your ponytail loses the braid and add this braid in a ponytail. Now take one strand from the ponytail and pin it on the opposite side. Now take one more strand from the front and pin it with the pony.

Faux reverse waterfall braid pony:

Put your crown on one side into the high ponytail. Now make a regular braid by taking hairs from the left side and. Now grab a thin strand and twist this and pass it through one of the stitches of braid and place it in the clip. Repeat this until all the hairs are passing through the braid. Now undo the ponytail, brush your hairs and make a new ponytail. Wrap the remaining braid around the elastic band of the ponytail.

Faux reverse waterfall braid messy bun:

To turn this into a bun style hold the hairs of the ponytail and twist hairs once or twice before scrunching and then fix with bobby pins.

Braid covered headband updo:

Take hairs below your ears to create 3 normal braids. Now use a headband ad if you are putting on the hat, then use a bobby pin or 2 if you need to fix it on the place. Now wrap all the hairs around the headband leaving out the braids. When all the loose hairs get wrapped also wrap the braid.

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