Bridal Hairstyle And Remedies For Dark Circles

It is a dream of every girl to look beautiful and have flawless skin. Women are nowadays crazy about their skin and search a lot for those remedies that give them flawless skin. The ladies who have dark circles are always tensed and want to get rid of dark circles. Dark circles are highly common and affect the appearance of a person, stress, wrong eating habit, and aging cause dark circles. There are lots of treatments for dark circles. But in my opinion, the best way to get rid of dark circles is the natural remedies.

Quick and Easy ways to Remove Dark Circles

In the first remedy, you simply take the cucumber paste, potato paste, and extract them and chill the juice, dip the cotton pad in it and place on your eyes for about 15 minutes and then wash it.
In the second remedy you have to take chop tomato, extract its juice and add lemon juice, turmeric powder, and gram flour in it, then mix it well and apply on your dark circles.

In the third remedy, you simply take freshly crushed mint leaves, half lemon juice, mix them well and apply on the dark circles and leave it for about 15 minutes and wash your face.

I hope these all-natural remedies help you a lot and your query that how to get rid of dark circles become solved and you get a flawless skin. And all with these natural treatments you have to eat nutritious food, drink lots of water, avoid smoking and alcohol drinks. A healthy body gives you healthy and glowing skin.

Messy Beehive Bridal Hairstyle for Short Hairs

Started by putting hair rollers on blow-dried hairs and as each roller is removed backcomb that section of hair. The only section that is not included in hairs is front and beyond the ear. When all the sections have been backcombed the hairs looks something like the fist. Smooth the backcombed hairs and start shaping the hairs that you want. Use the tail of the comb to increase the height use alligator clips to hold the hairs in place. When done with the shape spray extra holds hair, then replace the alligator clips with bobby pins make sure to criss-cross the bobby pins to stay hairs in place.

Short Hairs Bridal Bun

Now moving on to the back of hairs, if the hairs are short then takes a small section of hair and loops them lethally out of the way and fix with bobby pins. If you have medium or long hairs make a messy bun. For short hairs place a hair stuffing on the back and fix it by adding bobby pins in all directions. Hide this stuffing by using hair extensions and hide the line of extension completely using pins. After fixing the extension place it out of the way, place another hair extension on the top of the stuffing to hide. Now smooth out the stuffing with the extension. Then use the ends of hairs that are left can be twisted and hide them inside the stuffing. Now take back the first piece of extension and picking small sections of hairs make funky patterns of hairs and the back section is done. Now come back to the front section and backcomb the front sections of hairs and place them in a way that suits the face.

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