Eyes Health Issues And Its Treatment

Eyes have inspired portray in philosophy for a time in the moil and arguably the most attractive human facial feature. The cosmetics industry thrives on enhancing the color, shape, and size of eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, and eyelids. In simple terms the much celebrated and decorated window to the soul to receive information such as light and express the spectrum of emotions.

Each eye is composed of three layers pupil, cornea, and sclera. Any visit to the doctor includes a general eye exam which one should undergo once or twice in a year. A visit to an optician or ophthalmologist involves a series of tests that access the internal health of the eyes. Which may further provide the evidence for further diseases. More than just being a window to the soul hears some awkward clues your eyes can give for potentially serious diseases and conditions.

List of eyes disease

  • (1) Blind Spots, usually accompanied by flicker lights this usually indicates that you may be suffering from ocular migraine which leads to loss of vision.
    (2) Red spots, usually the white of eye or sclera have red spots, which indicate the high blood pressure and clotting disorder.
    (3) Round spots usually seen as a bump with blood vessels of and on the lower eyelid, could indicate tumors or abnormal growth which may be cancer.
    (4) Bug eyes, indicating with pouching eyes with swollen iteration, which indicates thyroid disease or hypoactive thyroids.
    (5) Bumpy yellowish patches, indicated by small yellow patches on eyes which indicate high cholesterol.
    (6) Burning eyes usually indicate with stinging in the eyes with blood which indicates computer vision syndromes.
    (7) Cloudy eyes experienced with clouding of the lens with hazy vision could indicate a cater act that may cause blindness, tumors, and diabetes or medication side effects.
    (8) Color confusion created by reds and greens being unclear indicates color blindness.
    (9) Crossed eyes usually one or both eyes turned inward could mean an intraocular tumor or neurologic disorder.
    (10) Double vision could indicate the probability of sudden stroke, strokes or multiple sclerosis also cause neuron degeneration.
    (11) Droopy eyes with the eyelids are droopy indicate brain tumor or muscular disorder.
    (12) Dry eyes seen especially in women with age of 40+ with autoimmune conditions also reducing saliva content making swallowing and showing difficulty. Golden brown and greenish-yellow ring on the cornea surrounding the iris may lead to liver disease.
    (13) Grey or milky ring on the cornea surrounding the iris could indicate high cholesterol and increase the risk of a heart attack.

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