How To Improve Eyesight Naturally

Eyes are supernatural gifts of Allah in this universe. It has extreme importance in our daily life because without eyes sight life is seems to be dark and panic. Most people are getting eyesight problems due to certain reasons. It can be carelessness or some other medical factors that affect our eyesight and their vision. There are some tips that can prevent us from the weakness of eyesight or even ca improve our eyesight and its vision. By adopting these tips we can save this supernatural gift and also a huge amount that often spent on their treatment.

Tips to Improve Eyesight:

Move your eyes toward your ears starting right to left without disturbing your neck and head. Make sure your movement is easy and feeling no pain. Repeat this for 20-30 times a day. Then open your eyes and look green fields near your home town. Similarly, move your eyes upward to downward without disturbing your neck or head up to maximum effort but without being panic; now close your eyes tightly for half a minute and again look at the greenfield/tree for time being than move next.

Move your eyeball in a round shape or in a circle without moving your neck and head. Start from right to left slowly.
Visit green fields and natural places that contain a rich number of trees. Look at them from a certain distance continuously for a specific time i.e. 1-3 minutes. Then close your eyes and imagine that view, repeat that process up to 30 times a day. Now close your eyes and imagine the black circle is moving away from you or disappearing for time being and coming steadily back. Make a strong imagination for a specific time period than open your eyes and start your daily life activities. Note: This exercise is helpful if practice in green fields or natural places where rich trees are available especially morning sessions is more effective.

Tips to prevent weakness of Eyesight

Keep Suitable body temperature is mandatory for a healthy life with certain conditions of weather. Keep your foot warm or covered to make a bit warm and head cold. By doing this our body becomes healthy especially good for eyesight. Make an exercise/jogging schedule especially morning time, because fresh air has a positive impact on our healthy even good for eyesight. Avoid taking stress or depression and being happy. Swimming is also an exercise that can prevent eyesight vision or its weaknesses. Use fresh water to wash your eyes 2 times a day i.e. before sleeping and after getting from bed in the morning time. Avoid reading for a long time and make a distance of at least 12 inches between eight sights and reading material. Avoid reading those materials that font size is too small or blur.

Excessive use of drugs, alcohol, and freezing/hot water can also cause of eyesight weaknesses. Don’t go to smoking areas or dust and bad smell places because it can affect your eyesight. Excessive practice or the use of drugs also affects eyesight. Avoid looking directly toward sharp light i.e. sun, heavy light fleshes, or etc. Working on a computer/laptop for a long time without break can also harm our eyesight. Avoid using spicy products in your diet. Use a balanced diet that makes your brain strong because it has an impact on our eyesight. Do practice Miswaak two times a day, has a positive impact on our eyesight. Disclaimer: Don’t rely on these tips if you are facing major problems in your eyesight. Consult your medical experts if you are getting no result while doing practices of these tips.

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