There Are Great Tips to Clear The Skin

The purpose of this article is to acknowledge the fact that that there is a huge part of the public that is concerned about their skin, how it is darkening and there are dark circles under your eyes and dark spots that seem to trouble one’s daily lifestyle. And the only reason that you are reading this article is that you have tried all skincare products at your chemist’s shelf. However, it will come to you as a surprise that in order to have clear, spotless skin, you don’t need to pay tons of money to get clear skin. Hell, you don’t need to pay any money at all.

Below are 6 tips to get more clear skin these are effective for males and females.

1. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, surely it may be true, not necessarily it will make you look better looking. The carbonated drinks in the market are like Nazis to our skin and all that acid can severely damage the natural beauty of our skin. The closer to nature, the better. Thus if you only keep yourself to fresh and pure water half your trouble can be reduced. The water brands as Poland Springs, Volvic, Penta, Smart Water, or Dasani can do the trick.

2. Chinese used to and still drink tea for some reason. And what wise men than Confucius and other masters, because green tea contains antioxidants that greatly assist in minimizing the acne issues. Twice a day, keep the dark spots away. The one I can refer is celestial seasoning green tea.

3. Fast foods and junk foods are the enemies, dermatologists will hold a rather different opinion regarding this but as I understand, it’s the grease that accumulates in the skin that causes acne to develop in the first place. I threw KFC and the subway of my diet chart and my skin is better than it could ever have been. It is not all bad but actually the use and reuse of old grease that causes trouble so if you trust your corner subway do as you please but if you value your skin, you’d tread carefully.

4. You are a big boy now! Eat your veggies, David. Put your ego behind and buy some carrots and spinach rather than a double Decker cheeses burger. Your skin deserves better. It may seem to be a thing of the past but vegetables contain numerous antioxidants that not only assist in recovery but also cleaning of the skin.

5. Consume as much vitamin E as possible preferably vitamin E oil. Apply every night before going to sleep and let the antioxidants do their work. You will feel the difference in a week. Hell, you tried tons of money on artificial skincare. Look where that got you. Your wallet deserves this bit.

6. Last but definitely not the least. Let go of all anxiety and tension. The acne may go away but frown causes irreparable damage to your face. I know that it is easy to tell someone to “let it go” but once you realize that all damage is done to YOUR skin you will calm down.

All the things listed above are from intimate personal experience and I am more than happy to share that with anyone facing similar problems. Make it your daily routine for 5-6 months and the change will be so vibrant you will feel it. As i mentioned the time span this is not an overnight process that you can get clear skin but it takes time, so be patient do this daily routine to 6 months and feel the results. And dermatologist will charge you $$$ for this advice.

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