Best Makeup Brushes For Women in Winter

1. Foundation brush – by The Body Shop

Though I’ve been told that it’s hard to find in the stores, look through their catalog, and hopefully, you’ll find it. Just $9.00, this brush literally changed my career. It lays the foundation on top of the surface of the skin and applies and blends at the same time. You can also do custom blending by mixing shimmer powder/moisturizer/water/toner/oil-blotting powder/essential oils/etc. This tool saves me so much application time, that foundation takes only minutes to apply, and I can literally throw away my sponges.

2. Chinese goat hair ‘blush‘ brush – from the Art Store

I literally came across this brush by accident while browsing through the brush section at my local art supply store. This white, super soft goat hair brush is PERFECT for taking your super bright/harsh/dark blush colors and making them wearable. Especially important on that photoshoot when you’re stuck and can’t find the color you want. Makes the brightest shade look beautiful. Just pick up and lightly dust on. You’ll get about a shade 5-8 times lighter than you see in the pan.

3. Eye shadow contour brush – from origins I cannot personally live without this brush. The shape is fantastic for creating depth in the crease of the eye. No other shaped brush can do this as perfectly as this one can.

4. Flat eye shadow brush – from Sephora

Just 1/4 inch wide, and not even 1/2 inch long, this eye shadow brush works great for applying loose eye shadows, glitter shadows, and frosted shadows. The best part is that the shape of the brush keeps the shadow from falling everywhere.

5. Metal spatula – from any swap meet

Get the long, thin shaped spatulas, for just dollars, and you’ll be saving yourself time when it comes to lipsticks. Just scoop out, and customize and blend to your heart’s content. A must for sanitation in our world.

6. Fan brush – squirrel

My personal favorite is the squirrel fan brush, for super softness. I use this for applying touch up loose powder during a shoot and for sweeping eye shadow particles away from under the eyes.

7. The round angle eye shadow brush – for lips

This eye shadow brush, instead of having a straight line, has an almost oval shape to it. It’s the perfect lipstick brush. Twice as big as any lipstick brush, it saves time, and you’re able to line the mouth perfectly.

8. Feather duster brush

This brush looks like an ostrich feather duster that your mother used to dust the cobwebs in your house, but this miniature version is perfect for that ‘shaken on’ effect with loose powder or shimmer/sparkle powders. Just pick up and shake or brush on.

9. The tiny mini angle brush

This angled brush is 1/2 the size of your average angle brush, and it’s not the stiff one that you use for eyebrows. This soft baby angle brush is perfect for filling in eyebrows and eye lining.

10. Taklon concealer brush

I use this brush so much, I can’t even tell you. For applying concealer under eyes, for lining the lips to achieve that perfect lip line, for spot applying foundation…….my favorite is the super big size.

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