How To Make Stylish Smoky Eyes in Winter

The new year season is just near and Smokey Eyes are always great for a girl’s makeover. Add a twist to the usual black smokey eyes by using brown instead. In this way, you can create very fascinating brown smokey eyes and stand unique in this celebration.

Begin your makeover by applying a light foundation that feels weightless on the skin, be it from any good brand. Remember never use a foundation that’s too much lighter in color than your actual skin tone. Select a foundation color just one or two shades lighter than your actual skin tone. Set your base using a translucent powder with a large powder brush. The too much lighter foundation will not be able to create a fair base but will turn into a greyish white base just after minutes you apply.

Now apply a brown creamy pencil on the base of the eye and blend using your fingers. Then apply a brown eye shadow on top of the base outwards using a blending brush for a smokey eye effect. Use a skin tone shadow with a slight shimmer under the brow bone.

Thinly line the eye with black liquid liner staying as close to the lash line as possible. Being so many eyeliners in the market nowadays, choose a peel-off or waterproof eyeliner preferably so that it doesn’t flow down with general humidity.

Finish off the smokey eye look with two coats of thickening Mascara on the top lashes and one coat on the bottom lash. Use black kohl inside the eye for a mysterious finish. Again when selecting Kajal, be very cautious to buy either a waterproof kajal or nowadays a new product is available with the name Maybelline smudge-free colossal kajal.

Dust on a loose powder bronzer slightly below the cheekbones for a soft and naturally defined face. Finish off with a skin tone lip gloss which is a very hot fashion nowadays and skin tone lip gloss is among the very few products that go great with smokey eyes makeover.

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