Makeup Trend For Red Lipstick in Winter

When I think of someone who can pull off the bold red lip flawlessly, I immediately think of Rachel Marie Furman. Rachel Marie is a makeup artist, chemist, and owner of LoudMouth Beauty. I am truly obsessed with her cherry red lipstick called “Heartless” and I’m learning how to perfect the red lip. Rachel Marie gave me 10 tips for pulling off bold red lips without a hitch.

The bright, bold lip isn’t going anywhere, as evidenced by the makeup trends at the 2012 Emmy Awards last week. However, it can be tricky to pull this look off flawlessly. Bright red lips done the wrong way can go from chic to clown-like without the proper makeup techniques. In addition, you have to consider your skin tone, the size of your lips, and how to pair the look with the right eye makeup to make the right statement.

Use a Natural Colored Lip Liner

For women with darker skin tones, the contrast of your red lips to your skin may sometimes be displeasing. Applying a lip pencil prior to filling in your lips will help do the trick. Do not use a red lip pencil, but a lip pencil that matches your natural lip color. This will create a transition tone between your lips and your skin that will soften the edges and leave you with a satisfying look.

Moisturize and Prime

Make sure that your lips are moisturized before applying red lip color. This will help you achieve the smooth, clean, fashionable look you are going for. You may also use a concealer or foundation to prime your lips. This will provide an even base for your application.

Apply Concealer for Crisp Lines

Apply concealer around the corners of your mouth to achieve a crisp look without any bleeding from the strong red pigment. So important!

Meticulous Application is Key

A red lip must be applied with precision. If you are using a brush or a lipstick bullet you must be very neat and careful. Pay attention to the curves in your lips and, most of all, your Cupids bow.

Gloss it Up!

Apply a lip gloss that creates a slightly different effect on the lip. Try warming it and softening it by adding a gold gloss. To make it cooler and blue, add a pink lip gloss over it.

Keep your Eyes Naked

Keep your eye makeup to a minimum while sporting a red lip. Ivory eye shadow, liquid liner, and mascara will do your red lip justice.

Day Vs. Evening Reds

Bold red lipstick makes all of your best features stand out and are perfect for nightlife. During the day, try and sport a more subtle red that will be charming for all your daytime endeavors.

Lip Size is Important

Brighter reds make lips appear full. Darker reds make your lips appear smaller. If you have thin lips, avoid wearing a deep red. If you have bigger lips try to find a cooler red to make your red lip enticing.

For Darker Skin Tones

If your skin tone is deeper, use a cool red (red with hints of blue). Doing this help to bring out your red lip, providing you with a comfortable look suitable to your skin tone.

Avoid Red Teeth

Don’t fall a victim to the biggest injustice of the famous red lip- red teeth. After applying your red lip, place your finger inside of your mouth, kiss your lips together, and slowly remove any access color.

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